Peer Support Challenge

PBF's peer support challenge has changed. Now it can be completed entirely on the Fiona Stanley Hospital campus.

Wheels On Chairs

During Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week we challenged perceptions of what it means to live with SCI and highlighted what we can all do to prevent one.

Making A Difference

With their “Workout for Wellness” initiative Abacus ALS helped keep their team fit whilst raising funds for PBF.

It’s Great To Have Greg

Greg Willmott has spent 10 years in bed with pressure injuries. Recently he was well enough to deliver a PBF presentation to SMRC.

AFL Masters WA

We joined one of our newest members at their Country Carnival to learn more about Master's footy and to share the PBF message.

Don’t be dumb, check your bum!

PBF's Peer Support team encourages those living with SCI to check their skin daily, with our specially designed hand-held mirrors, to prevent pressure injuries.

Peter’s Membership Helping Others

We caught up with long-time PBF supporter Peter, who explains why he values his membership.

Workplace Safety; Anytime, Anywhere

PBF worked closely with Santos to successfully deliver 9 x PBF Injury Prevention Programs despite the challenging logistics of Curtis Island.

Melville Matters

The City of Melville see their PBF membership as a perfect example of how they can build a stronger workplace safety culture.

Safer Choices

It all comes down to making safer choices.

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