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Your spinal cord injury donation provides freedom to an Australian learning to live independently with a disability.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are among the most expensive chronic injuries a person can face. While the initial weeks and months following a spinal cord injury are typically spent rehabilitating in hospital, the consequences both physical and financial are for life.

People impacted by a spinal cord injury frequently struggle to provide themselves with all the supplies and equipment necessary to live an independent life. Adjustments to homes and vehicles are costly, and in many cases people are hindered by their inability to afford these necessary changes to aid their mobility and independence.

Since 1996, PBF has gifted more than $1,000,000 to support people whose lives have been dramatically changed by a spinal cord injury. Our Gifting Program is only possible with your donations, which pay for critical mobility equipment and infrastructure for Australians living with a permanent spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury donations aid independent living and enhanced quality of life, and have also been used to assist with getting back to work or study.

Every spinal cord injury donation received makes our gifting program possible, and supports the development of our Peer Support and Injury Prevention programs.

To make a spinal cord injury donation to PBF Australia, please complete the form below. Similarly, if your organisation would like to hold a fundraising event on behalf of PBF Australia please get in touch .

Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help us to expand our reach in the community and enhance our services and care. 100% of your donation will be returned to the community.

PBF is a not for profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR), tax receipts can be issued on request.

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