It Only Takes A Moment

Just one moment to lose everything you hold of value in your life.

Four Senses

Dedicating everything we do to building better lives.

Safety Supervisors Program in the West

Educating and empowering supervisors to prevent safety related incidents and encourage management of risk specific to their work environment.

Powerful Sessions with Castrol

A true insight into the human side of a workplace accident.

Vaulting in the Valley

Vaulting is a combination of dance and gymnastics performed on the back of a cantering horse.

Protecting Young Workers

The part of the brain that asses risk and would identify the hazard, and then look for a way to effectively control it, is not actually fully developed in humans under 25.

Meet Clare Nott

I have entered a different life phase and I feel it is important to give back to the community by sharing my story and knowledge of various aspects of life when I can.

Prevent Restore Maintain

Research continues to search for a cure for spinal cord injuries, but this will never be as absolute as prevention.

Safety Leadership In The Workplace

PBF helping McNab roll out their Project Safety Leadership Plan in a series of workshops.

Membership At The Heart of PBF

Support from individuals like Dr Vernon Hill enables PBF Australia to continue to thrive.