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Financial hardship support – spinal cord injury gifting program Australia.

Life after a spinal cord injury is never the same; the ability to live independently and participate as an active member of the community is key to maintaining a happy, meaningful life. Unfortunately home adaptations, wheelchairs, support tools and mobility equipment come at a cost that is unattainable for many. This, in addition to rehabilitation and medical bills can create a need for financial hardship support.

At PBF Australia we seek to ease the impact of a spinal cord injury, from working with patients in the initial weeks and months of their injury, to providing financial assistance and employment opportunities – we help those living with paraplegia and quadriplegia get the most out of life.

Our spinal cord injury gifting program in Australia has been put in place to provide financial hardship support for the purchase of critical equipment or infrastructure that will improve the quality and freedom in someone’s life.

Previous gifts have included electric beds, voice activated computer software, hoists and wheelchairs.

To find out more about our spinal cord injury gifting program, phone PBF Australia on 1800 809 780, or complete our gifting application form.

All applications are assessed against stringent criteria.

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Your donations help Australian’s living with a spinal cord injury who need critical financial hardship support to move forward

PBF Australia is extremely grateful for the funds donated by individuals, corporates and sponsors that make our spinal cord injury-gifting program possible. 100% of donated funds are returned to the community providing financial hardship support where unmet need exists to improve the quality of life for those living with a spinal cord injury. Donate today!

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