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100,000 Steps To Success

What started out as a light hearted conversation between friends led to a fantastic fundraising effort, which raised over $2600 for outdoor seating and sporting equipment at the WA State Rehabilitation Service.

David Tomlinson (Coordinator Volunteer Services at Fiona Stanley Hospital) shares his story in his own words, and talks us through the challenge that he successfully undertook:

“The conversation went, “Hey Mr B why don’t we walk from Quinn’s to Fiona Stanley Hospital to raise some money?  We could go via Freo and have a boy’s night out.”

“Great idea!” said Mr B, and then it all became a reality.

So on the 10th November 2016 we set off with a spring in our step, a backpack full of snacks, spare socks and other delights (we also had the shirt, trousers and shoes ready for the night out).

It was going to be a long walk to the pub, we knew we could make it and what a night we will have…..

We walked from Quinn’s.  We walked to Ocean Reef.  We walked to Hillarys and all was going well.  But then we noticed that the world was disappearing, it was getting smaller and darker.  ‘No it can’t be,” I exclaimed “it’s November.”  It wasn’t the world getting smaller but the rain getting closer.

It won’t last long……. We walked to North Beach……..We walked to Trigg…….We walked to Scarborough…..We even managed to get to Floreat and then it stopped!!!!!

The feet were wet, the spring had faded and the snacks had been eaten.  Fremantle was now becoming the mythical city.  We can do it (I hoped).  Mr B pushed me on and wouldn’t let me stop (I won’t be taking him next time).

Just let me get to Cottesloe and then it will be just around the corner.  Cottesloe came into sight after what seemed an endless trek between Floreat and Swanbourne Barracks.  What a sight, not long now. Freo is just down the road and we only need to reach North Freo…easy.  Well we made it 65,738 step and were at the accommodation at 7:00pm.

Day two was going to be the easy part.  A stroll along the river.  It was my first time on the Stirling Bridge and what a fantastic view.  Blisters bedding in so feeling pretty confident.  We even had a coffee at The Dome.  Sociable little walk compared to yesterday.  Ruby, one of the volunteers at the hospital, joined us to encouraged us on.  She encouraged from the front, 10 meters away and the gap was only getting bigger with every step.  Youngsters!  Get off your phone, don’t walk so fast, you should have been with us yesterday – these were just some of the things that came to my mind as we made our way towards Ardross.

We turned away from the river towards the hospital.  Will we have enough steps, we need 100,000!

The rest of the walk went well and we eventually finished at Fiona Stanley Hospital, having completed a few circuits to get the steps up.  The total for the day 35,754.  We did it!!!!!

We were met by the jubilant voices of the Fiona Stanley Volunteers, the smiling face of Richard (he knew I was suffering) a cake sale and they even assisted me into my vehicle.

We raised over $2,600 which made the blisters and pain worthwhile.

Oh and the boys night out………………………… bed by 7:45pm and sleeping by 8:00pm.

David Tomlinson
Fiona Stanley Hospital
Fiona Stanley Hospital volunteer team welcoming David home
Richard Higgins (PBF Peer Support Manager) congratulating David

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