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SBR Triathlon 10km Swim for Charity

Happy New Year!

How did you celebrate? What were you up to at 6am on New Year’s Day?

23 athletes from SBR Triathlon Club, Vipers Tri Club and the local Masters Swim Squad in Brisbane were in the Dunlop Park Pool competing in the 100 x 100m swim. Yes that’s right a 10km swim!

These athletes were generously raising money for PBF’s Gifting Fund. A fund that helps provide freedom to someone living with a spinal cord injury.

All swimmers had different goals.  Some to challenge their longest previous swim times and some aiming for the ultimate – a marathon swim. Everyone achieved well in excess of their previous bests.

As endurance events go the lessons were many. Michelle Cooper (Director and Coach of SBR Triathlon Club) shared three:

“Firstly, these types of endurance events are not about how fit or how fast you are. They are entirely about how determined and mentally tough you are. Our youngest and oldest swimmers finished the 10km swim, and not to be disrespectful to their ability, but their effort was about sheer will and not skill.

Secondly, when you think you are doing it tough, chances are someone is doing it tougher. All you had to do today was look left or right to see a swimmer in as much pain or more as you. When the shoulders were screaming, a quick glance at Darron, a paraplegic, soon wiped the complaint from most lips.

Thirdly, team mates are everything. The constant encouragement, sometimes half underwater, was enough to keep smiles on all faces today. Take Andrew for example. His goal was just to do a couple of km, but swimming in the same lane as Darron, they worked together to encourage each other, push further and stay positive. 6km later he was grinning from ear to ear.”

A big thank you to SBR Triathlon Club, the athletes who competed, and in particular Michelle Cooper for organising this event.  An amazing effort by everyone which is greatly appreciated.

100% of all donations to PBF’s Gifting Fund are returned to the community to support people whose lives have been dramatically changed.  PBF’s Gifting Fund buys equipment and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for these Australians.

What a great way to start 2016!

If you are interested in donating to our Gifting Fund you can do so here.

SBR Triathlon 100x100 New Years Day Charity Swim - Darron Shields
SBR Triathlon Swim 01 January Darron Shields

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