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Task Industires Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper & Tony South

Falls are a major cause of death and serious injury in Australian workplaces.  When you think of falls people automatically think of working on a roof, stacking shelves up a ladder or unloading a large truck. Falls however can occur at ground level too, such as falling through a hole or trench.  They can even occur from tripping over an object on the ground.

Task Industries are one of PBF’s newest corporate members who’s Directors saw the value in joining so they could help protect their employees. Electrical contractors based in Brisbane, Task Industries was established in 2009.  Founded by two highly skilled Directors, they set up Task Industries to provide customers with a high standard of service with minimal disruption. With jobs such as air-conditioning unit installations and home automation, through to data communication systems at work places, Task Industries are proactive in protecting their team at all times.

Their employees are often up ladders and unfortunately an employee did sustain an injury from a fall that resulted in 12 months recovery time. Typically in Australia, a fall results in 6.2 weeks off work.  Over half of all falls in the 8 year period between 1 July 2003 and 30 June 2011 resulting in fatalities were from 3 meters or less and 16% of these involved ladders.

The Australian construction industry fairs the worst with 37% of injuries/fatalities (4 times the average).  The majority of these workers are over 45 years old (70%).  During the same 8 year period, 232 Australian workers were killed from falling from heights.  In a single 12 month period (2010-2011) there were 7,730 claims submitted in Australia resulting from fall related injuries – that is 21 claims every single day. (SafeWork Australia’s Oct 2013 report “Work related injuries and fatalities involving a fall from height”).

By sharing PBF’s message with Andrew Cooper, Task Industries Director, Tony South (PBF Corporate Partnerships Manager) introduced him to the real value of our corporate membership.  It was the fastest membership sign up to date.  Andrew instantly recognised the importance of being able to financially help his employees and their families should they incur a spinal cord injury and never return to work. Task Industry employees are on the road the majority of the time and they are often working from heights, which puts them in a high risk category for spinal cord injury.

If you would like to find out more about protecting your employees through a PBF Corporate Membership you can do so at  PBF Corporate Membership.

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