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A Supervisors Approach

Paul Carson and Darron Shields PBF Injury Prevention Presentation VISY
Paul Carson PBF Injury Prevention Presenter VISY Brett Porter

PBF Australia is very proud of our latest development for Workplace Safety – The PBF Supervisors Intervention Program.

It is specifically developed to facilitate change at the supervisor level, as supervisors have been identified as the key influencers in reducing incidents and accidents. After considerable consultation with safety stakeholders and safety educators, PBF Australia developed this program in-house.

Essentially we are empowering supervisors and shift managers to own the safety of their teams and understand that they are the primary influencers in the communication cycle. The PBF presenter’s personal story is used as a narrative to create a real life safety investigation into the causes and preventative measures that should have been in place.

An adult-based education approach is used, which includes a combination of visual, auditory, and face-to-face activities to engage supervisors and achieve long terms behavioural and attitudinal change.

The objections and key outcomes include:

  • Identifying that it is our own behaviour and attitude that sets the workplace culture
  • Communication within the work place being a key factor to owning your teams safety
  • Developing a safety skill set that becomes a natural inclusion into their leadership style and operational management
  • Teaching attendees to identify cumulative progression of events and safety sequences i.e. incidents often have multiple factors over an extended period of time

PBF Australia worked closely with VISY to tailor a program to compliment the current Work Place Safety systems they already had in place.

“The sessions Darron and Paul did for the supervisors (Owning Your Teams Safety) were taken very well. I believe this has been the most beneficial course to date, partly due to us as a business understanding what we needed, and also working together with PBF to see what you could provide. Paul’s story fitted in perfectly with the problems we had with our supervisors. This course, added to the Cert IV in OH&S we have provided to our supervisors, has seen a significant change in their attitudes, accountability and the way they behave as safety leaders.  This is the 4th course we have worked together with PBF on and I believe the most successful one. It is an excellent model to take to other business to help with Injury Prevention.” Brett Porter (VISY – HSE Manager Qld).

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