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AFL Masters WA Country Carnival
PBF’s Brad Ness shared his story
Over 200 players enjoyed the AFL Masters WA Country Carnival

PBF Australia welcomes AFL Masters WA as one of our newest sporting club members; they are the sole body that governs and manages AFL Masters Football in Western Australia.

Their league is designed to give players aged 35 and over the opportunity to participate safely whilst still enjoying the game they love. Over 1,500 players from 24 country clubs and 19 metro clubs participate according to four different age groupings: “Supers” (35 years & over), “Masters” (40 years & over), “Seniors” (45 years & over) and “Super Seniors” (50 years & over).

PBF’s WA Business Development Manager Katie Stokes, and CEO Martin Browning, recently joined PBF presenter Brad Ness at the AFL Masters WA Country Carnival in Nollamara, Perth. Over 200 players were at the event and played matches throughout the day on three ovals. They had the opportunity to hear Brad’s personal story that highlighted the importance of safety both on and off the field, and were encouraged to upgrade their PBF membership to include their partners and families.

All games were played within the spirit of the league and players of all ages, shapes and sizes showcased their skills, speed and agility. Players and their families enjoyed the bouncy castle and “long bomb” competitions, as well as the quality food and refreshments that were available throughout the day.

“It was great to see so many teams participate in the AFL Masters WA Country Carnival and I was impressed by the passion and commitment shown by players of all ages” said Katie Stokes. “I hope to be back next year to speak to the players about the value of their PBF membership, and explore how we can work with individual clubs in promoting the message of safety. We thank AFL Masters WA, and their President Nathan Dixon, for their support of PBF”.

PBF Australia has a significant number of sporting and recreation clubs as members; including equestrian clubs, rugby union clubs, football clubs and swimming organisations. We see the value in working with sporting clubs and offering PBF membership protection, as well as injury prevention training, to players and/or members in order to minimise risk and address safety.

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