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An Added Layer Of Protection Whilst Cycling

A common form of sport and recreation in Australia is cycling.

Cycling Queensland (CQ) is the governing body for organised competitive cycling within Queensland and has been in operation since 1893. CQ is an affiliate of Cycling Australia (CA) and the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI), supporting 30 active clubs and over 4000 active members.

In March 2011, Cycling Queensland partnered with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund by becoming Corporate Members, to offer additional benefits to their operational staff.  Through this membership CQ have demonstrated that they have thought about their staff’s future. Providing cover not just whilst cycling, but 24 hours a day 7 days a week – should they sustain a traumatic spinal cord injury.

Road incidents involving cyclists are more common than people realise and spinal injuries are fairly difficult to prevent. This is due to the fact that when on the road cyclists do not have much protection, and the spine and head is the part of the body that suffers the most impact with the ground.

Cycling Queensland Chief Executive Officer Sean Muir says the memberships available through the Paraplegic Benefit Fund offer an added layer of protection.

“Cycling Queensland have taken out the membership for our team of staff, to offer them extra protection and coverage in case of injury to the spinal cord,” Muir said.

Whilst there are plenty of precautions cyclists can take whilst out on the roads, or in varying riding environments, injuries sustained to the Spinal Cord require additional ongoing support and this is where the PBF membership comes into effect. With cover extending up to $250,000, financial protection may offer immediate relief to the initial costs of surgery, living and rehabilitation expenses.

Visit PBF’s website and consider becoming private members. This is not simply a form of financial protection for yourself and your loved ones.  As PBF is a Public Benevolent Institution, membership also supports Australian’s living with Spinal Cord Injury and helps educate the community to prevent future spinal cord injuries from occurring.

If you would like to find out more about PBF Private Membership you can do so HERE.

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