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Changing Social Attitudes - RSE Annual Report 2015


PBF Australia and Road Safety Education have been working together for over six years to equip young people with the knowledge to stay safe on our roads.

RSE Annual Report 2015 is now available and the Social Impact Assessment of the report is very interesting.

“While direct behaviour change is the ultimate aim of RSE’s road safety programs, contributing to road safety culture in society is equally important as this also prevents crash death and injury. Attitudes in society have changed dramatically towards enforcement measures such as seatbelts, drink driving and texting in cars. Attitudes towards buying a safer car with a greater number of safety features has also changed. Road safety education plays an important role in changing social attitudes and this must be included when assessing the value of RYDA and its accompanying programs.

The possibility of applying social return on investment methodology has been explored by RSE Ltd in the last two years. With more than 50,000 students and large numbers of other stakeholders involved, it is likely RYDA and other RSE programs are contributing net financial benefit to the community through trauma reduction.

The cost, for example, of a road death according to the Australian government agencies is generally assumed to be $2.4 million, an injury leading to quadriplegia $4.2 million, and paraplegia $1.2 million (Transport Accident Commission, Victoria). The primary goal of RYDA is contributing to saving lives and injuries of young drivers and passengers. And clearly, the attitude and behaviour changes we contribute to are doing just this. In light of this, our approach has been to measure those attitudinal, knowledge and behaviour changes to build a story of change in relation to social impact.”

Click here to read the RSE Concise Annual Report in full.

PBF Australia is involved in the “After The Crash” session, where students listen to a crash survivor and discuss how a poor choice can change a life forever.   Spinal cord injury is permanent, there is no cure. The road to recovery after a serious crash is a long one – for many, it’s a life-long journey.

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