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The Key Is Attitude Behaviour & Choices

PBF road presenter Steve Richter with Urangan State High School students

The key to a successful presentation is to engage the audience as well as educating them.  Simply talking to students about the risks of the road is not enough.  To really hit home these novice drivers need to come face to face with the reality of the consequences of poor decision-making. PBF’s Injury Prevention Road Program does just that.

Recently Steve Richter, PBF road presenter, spoke with a group of year 11 students at Urangan State High School, located in the Hervey Bay Education Qld’s North Coast Region.   The schools Health and Physical Education Teacher, Reschelle Cathcart, had seen Steve’s presentation previously and felt that it was a thought provoking addition to her current road safety unit.

Steve’s life experience greatly benefits students who hear his story. He focuses on the prevention of road accidents and offers students a first-hand account of what it is like to experience and live with a spinal cord injury sustained through a road crash.    As with all our road presenters, Steve highlights the importance of attitude, behaviour and choices.

Often confronting and close to the heart, Steve’s real life story demonstrates:

  • The potential consequences of unsafe road behaviour
  • Increases knowledge of the major risk factors that cause road crashes
  • Communicates the impact of serious injury or death
  • Encourages positive attitudes to safe road behaviour
  • Demonstrates the personal responsibility for choices and the consequences
  • Encourages young people to be assertive in communicating safe choices to peers

“The students at Urangan SHS thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Steve.  He creates a relaxed environment where the students were encouraged to ask questions. Steve provides that ‘real-life’ experience which really resonates with teenagers. The students greatly appreciated the opportunity to go with Steve to his car to see the process of how he gets himself into his vehicle. I would thoroughly recommend PBF’s presentation to all teenagers who are about to get their licence.” Reschelle Cathcart (Health & Physical Education Teacher, Urangan State High School).

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