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PBF Australia welcomes Magic Mobility as our newest corporate member.

Established in 1994, Magic Mobility is a proud Australian company who design and build customised wheelchairs, to enable people to live the life they choose.

Magic Mobility’s story began in Melbourne with Ashely Daff, a university student of prosthetics. Ashley first ventured into the field of customising wheelchair solutions whilst working for Sibbing Mobility. Over the years Ashely developed his skills and built strong relationships within the disabled community and on a leap of faith founded Magic Mobility.

At the Assistive Technology Conference in Queensland, PBF Australia’s Business Development Manager Tony South met Tara Cahill from Magic Mobility.  The shared alignment between the two organisations became apparent, and this month, Magic Mobility joined PBF Australia as corporate members.

“Every day we see the impact of spinal cord injury on many of our powerchair clients.  Often their injuries are caused as a result of simple, everyday activities, but leave huge emotional, physical and financial impacts. We are pleased to support PBF’s great work in helping raise awareness of spinal cord injury prevention, as well as the support they provide to those living with spinal cord injury.” Tara Cahill, Marketing & Communications Manager, Magic Mobility.

PBF Australia is proud and excited to have Magic Mobility on board as corporate members.  Both organisations have a common set of values and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

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