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It Is A Membership Not An Insurance

Private Member

Private members of PBF Australia receive more than financial help when a traumatic spinal cord injury is incurred. They become a part of the PBF family – greatly contributing to our mission of preventing spinal cord injuries from occurring and providing support for those who have already incurred a spinal cord injury.

The general public do not understand just how life changing a spinal cord injury is, until they become personally involved with someone who has sustained one.

We recently chatted to some of our private members to see why they joined the PBF family.

“I knew someone who had a spinal cord injury and having almost had 2 family members incur a spinal cord injury as well, I could see both the benefits of joining and recognise how easily it can happen to you.”

“We take a lot for granted.  PBF provides support when it is needed the most.  I have learnt how life changes and the enormous costs financially incurred from spinal cord injuries.”

“It is a membership we have but I hope I never have to weigh up the cost of incurring a spinal cord injury against the cost of being a member. It is a small price to pay.”

“Spinal cord injury can happen to anyone and in a split second can change your life.  It doesn’t consider how fit and healthy you are nor how financially secure you are.  A spinal cord injury can happen at work or at play.  PBF membership covers you for this in most instances.”

A survey conducted with current members summarised the top ten benefits of joining PBF.

  • Peace of mind
  • Knowing your membership helps others
  • Supporting a great social enterprise
  • An essential cover/membership
  • A lump sum payment when needed the most
  • Protection for your family
  • Cost effective membership fees
  • Relationships with staff at PBF who have spinal cord injuries
  • Helping educate and create public awareness of spinal cord injury
  • Reducing the wider impact of spinal cord injury to the community

For more information on becoming a PBF Private Member click here.

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