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East & West Simultaneous Presentations

As part of their Global Capability Day, PBF Australia was engaged to present our Injury Prevention Workplace Presentation simultaneously at Castrol’s plants in Fremantle (WA) and Spotswood (VIC).

Arguably the world’s leading brand in motor oil, Castrol manufactures, distributes and markets premium lubricating oils and greases for every conceivable application on land, sea and in the air.

Their stated goals are:

  • No accidents
  • No harm to people
  • No harm to the environment

Clinton Van Roon along with Symon Still conducted the west coast session and Paul Carson traveled down south to cover the east coast.

Castrol had a great turnout and a jam-packed agenda.  One of the key highlights were the guest speakers from PBF Australia – voted the ‘wow factor’ of the day at both sites.

Over 100 employees were in attendance and they provided the following feedback:

  • Powerful session with very profound messages
  • A few tears around the room listening to Clinton’s personal story
  • Valuable content, raw emotion, something we all understood
  • Paul really sent a strong message around safety and that if we are not safe at work or in our personal lives it can impact us for the rest of our lives
  • A true insight into the human side of a workplace accident
  • In your face and real life experience shared by Clinton and Symon
  • Paul’s presentation was very reflective to our daily lives.  It reminds us how much we take for granted.  In an instance we can lose everything we treasure in life

“You could have literally heard a pin drop when the presenters were presenting.  We received such positive feedback!  Thank you.” Amy Chippindale, Human Resources Advisor – GSC (Lubricants).

If you would like to have a PBF Injury Prevention Workplace Presentation for your employees please contact us here.


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