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Celebrating PBF Corporate Partnerships

Tony South PBF Corporate Members

Kathy and Kevin Young are owners of the Property Club and have been PBF Corporate Partners since 2007.   Tony South, PBF Business Development Manager, caught up with them for a recent lunch to celebrate another successful year of partnership.

Tony first met Kevin on a cruise liner whilst attending the 2007 World Cup One Day Cricket in the West Indies. Between socializing and attending the cricket, Kevin expressed an interest in wanting to know more about traumatic spinal cord injury.

With a mind for mathematics and building wealth through property, Kevin was challenged by the truth Tony shared with him.  That the cost to Australian taxpayers for people living with quadriplegia and paraplegia is estimated to be $2 billion annually, which is incomprehensible when you consider it is a disability that is often preventable .

Tony went on to demonstrate his passion and commitment to prevent, cure and fund spinal cord injury through PBF Australia as a cost-effective community based solution.  Since then Kevin and Kathy have generously contributed to helping PBF Australia achieve their mission – to reduce the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury in Australia.

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