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PBF Changing Student's Attitudes Towards Road Safety

Wayne Howden (RAC Community Education Manager) & Symon Still (PBF Injury Prevention Manager)

Over half a million West Australian students have received RAC Road Safety Education since 2002. This significant milestone deserves to be recognised, and we are proud to be working with RAC to reduce the incidents and impact of road trauma.

Since July 1st 2016 we have delivered over 90 road safety presentations in West Australian schools with the support of RAC.

We currently have 15 active road presenters in WA who are living with permanent injuries. Collectively they have spoken to more than 3500 students during this period.

The presenters engage with the students by sharing their personal stories as they discuss the causes of their accident and the resulting injuries. The heartfelt yet confronting presentations challenge the students to consider how permanent injury would impact their life, and what a loss of freedom and independence would mean to them. Most importantly they focus on what actions/behaviours contributed to their accident and what can be done to prevent deaths and injury accidents on our roads in the future.

The PBF injury prevention program aims to empower the listeners so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.


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