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Family Membership - Our Founder's Legacy

Front - Taylor & Nathan (twins 6), Brian (8), Erica with baby Harvey, Alistair (10), Back - Cameron (12), Clayton (17), Jeremy (15), Wayne, Delroy (18) holding Liam (2), & Mitchell (14)

We are delighted to introduce the Visser family from WA, who with 11 sons are our certainly one of our largest family members!

Wayne’s mother Thea also feels a strong connection with PBF, and has been a member since 1990. She was recently kind enough to tell us about her link with Sir George Bedbrook and explain why she thinks PBF Australia is so important.

“I began my nursing training as an ‘aid’ at Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital in November 1967.  After one wonderful year (where I worked often in the reasonably new Para Quad Ward 11), I transferred to Royal Perth Hospital and began my Registered Nursing Training.  I always remained fond of the Shenton Park Annexe.  The events that caused paraplegia and quadriplegia were tragic but the work of Dr. George Bedbrook was inspiring and gave hope and a degree of independence, albeit a new way of life, to many of the patients, not only in daily living but also in sporting activities. We held him in admiration even in those early days of the centre and followed him on ward rounds with great respect.

When Sir George received his knighthood years later, my friend and I were delighted for him and thought it was well deserving.  The idea for PBF was also a wonderful idea and as you know I want all my children and grandchildren to have membership….hopefully never for their need but to help others.  With so many grandsons getting into all sorts of energetic activities I also want to know that they are catered for if the need arises.  I have another 11 grandchildren and 4 of those are also boys who are into 4 wheel driving and sporting activities.  So often we saw young men enjoying the pursuits of their young vigorous years only to be halted abruptly by spinal injury.

I care for a lady who had a horse riding accident 15 years ago and is a quadriplegic.  She takes great care of herself through all the advice given at the Shenton Park Annexe.  It’s amazing to see someone ‘further on’ than the acute stage and see how they can manage at home.

The new complex at Fiona Stanley Hospital, which we have also had to visit for care, is fantastic. It is good to see the work progressing and facilities improving.  I am sure Sir George would have been impressed.  A big thankyou to PBF for the service and encouragement you provide”.

We thank Thea, Wayne and Erica for their continuing support of PBF Australia and wish them and their families a safe and happy summer and 2017!

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