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PBF Making Safety A Priority For Supervisors

Symon Still presenting

WA recently held its first workplace supervisors program with 12 participants from Serco, CBH, Ability one, and Roofing 2000. This new PBF program, developed together with Daniel Lo from Corporate GP, is aimed at newly appointed supervisors and contains safety information essential to their role.

 The 3 hour course was facilitated by Daniel alongside PBF’s Nigel Barley, with help from Symon Still and his assistance dog Henry.

Supervision is broadly recognised as key to safety in workplaces. Quality supervision must be provided as outlined in the OSH act, and is essential to reduce workplace injury and in order to provide safe and productive workplaces.

The PBF program provides information that supervisors need to know about their OSH legislated roles and responsibilities. It includes guidance on how to conduct a simple workplace accident investigation, how to recognise contributing factors of a serious workplace accident and covers the identification and planning of the appropriate control strategies required to reduce risks and hazards in the workplace.

The accident investigated as a real-life case study involved PBF workplace presenter Nigel Barley. Nigel was a roof tiler, and a fall at work resulted in brain and spinal cord injuries. Thankfully he recovered from his brain injury but his T12 complete spinal cord injury was permanent. Nigel shares his story and work history; detailing the lack of safety supervision, the lack of safety procedures and the mindset that he developed which put safety last simply because the job ‘just had to get done’. He also discusses the widely held workplace mentality regarding serious accidents that ‘it will never happen to me’. Additionally the case study considers non-compliance issues, lack of risk assessments, poor preparation for the job and many other important factors.

The participants are introduced to the real consequences of his accident – a permanent spinal cord injury. Being confined to a wheel chair because of a SCI affects everything in life thereafter. It impacts the ability to work and to provide financially; it impacts relationships with family, friends and colleagues; it impacts independence; it impacts freedom to travel and has a significant impact on personal health outcomes.

This PBF course is designed to provide attendees with a good balance between what they need to know and why they need to know it. It challenges individuals to consider the lifelong impacts an unsafe work choice can have on one’s future health and those around them.

Following the success of this first course SERCO management have asked PBF to provide it as part of their mandatory training for supervisors at Fiona Stanley Hospital starting in February 2017.

To inquire about holding one of PBF Australia’s Injury Prevention Workplace Supervisors Programs click here.

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