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Meet Georgia Inglis - A Passion To Help

georgia inglis
Georgia Inglis

Georgia’s life was changed forever when she was 10 years old; with an injury resulting in complete paraplegia from level T12. Twelve years on and she has joined the PBF team mentoring kids with spinal cord injury at Princess Margaret Hospital in WA.

“Ever since my accident I knew I wanted to end up working in this field – especially working with children” says Georgia. “I have an absolute passion for helping children and teenagers get back into life after acquiring a spinal cord injury. I love the idea that I can share my 12 years of experience”

Georgia is currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Health Science, prior to commencing a Masters of Occupational Therapy.

“I got involved with PBF at the start of this year through a good friend who plays on the same basketball team as me. I was beyond excited that there was such a thing. I have an absolute passion for helping children/teenagers who have recently had a spinal cord injury, because this is what helped me the most. Realising that there were other people in your situation made it a little easier, as well as teaching little life tricks I don’t think an able bodied person would understand. For example the best way to get in and out of the car or where to put your chair.”

Georgia also plays wheelchair basketball for Perth’s Red Dust Heelers and the Australian Women’s National team. “I like to think that I have definitely made the best out of my situation, opening up so many opportunities through sport. I have been able to live overseas and travel around the world overcoming so many hurdles along the way.”

Find out more about PBF Australia’s Peer Support Program and spinal cord injury rehabilitation here



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