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Hello 2017 What Are Your Goals?

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Steve Cooke Connect Finance Qld with Tony South PBF Australia

How did 2016 play out for you?

Have you set your goals for 2017?

What plans do you have in place to achieve these goals?

And why are these goals important to you?

Australian’s are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and it is often a constant exercise to try and save money.  When someone incurs a spinal cord injury (SCI) there are many aspects of their life that are effected.  Making financial ends meet is not one that is spoken about.

The start of a year is a great time to re-access your goals and the plans you have in place to attain them.  Steve Cooke is the principal at Connect Finance Qld.  Steve and his team tailor make loan options to assist you in every area of personal and business lending.  Over the years Connect Finance Qld have won many awards, however here at PBF Australia we believe their greatest reward has been joining the PBF family as corporate members in August of last year.

PBF Australia has been supporting Australian’s living with a spinal cord injury since 1984.  Founded by the late Sir George Bedbrook, PBF was established because of the lack of financial support available to those living with a spinal cord injury.  Sir George found that 70% of patients were not eligible for any insurance or compensation payment following their spinal cord injury.  PBF members are given that much needed financial support.

Life can change in a second.  In the words of Paul O’Brien (a PBF Injury Prevention Workplace Presenter) – “I went from perfect health, family life, children, dog, champion sports man.  Ten months later I was actually living in a flat by myself, I was on the invalid pension, and I was sleeping on a second hand mattress on the floor…. with nothing.”

This year make the decision to protect your family financially should the unspeakable happen and they incur a spinal cord injury. For as little as $85 for an annual family membership you can join the PBF family.  Not only will you be looking after your loved ones, you will be supporting those living with spinal cord injuries in your local community.

Click here to find out more about PBF Australia and the different types of membership we offer.


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