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Supporting Others Through The PBF Gifting Fund

Try to imagine not being able to get up in the morning without the assistance of someone else.  Now try and imagine not having access to the correct equipment that will help you get out of bed without causing further injury or life-threatening damage to your skin; or equipment that will allow you to live an active and independent life.

Unfortunately many Australian’s are now living close to, or below, the poverty line; this includes many living with spinal cord injury. Those who are “just surviving”, who may be living in subsidised housing on Disability pensions, often don’t have any financial capacity to fund shortfalls in subsidies for essential equipment from MASS (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme).

Whilst the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will assist many people living with a disability, what happens to those who are not covered? Once you are over the age of 65 you are not eligible to access the NDIS, so what happens if you need a new electric wheelchair to maintain your independence?

The PBF gifting fund helps individuals living with spinal cord injury by providing funding for the purchase of essential equipment or home adaptations that will improve the quality and independence of their life. As a funder of last resort we apply strict criteria to ensure funds are directed towards those who are in the most urgent need of our assistance.

The following case studies demonstrate the huge difference that the gifting fund can make to the daily lives of those with SCI:

CASE STUDY A: Male living with paraplegia.

  • Request received for funding towards electric bed & hoist due to applicant’s declining function and mobility.
  • Without the hoist it would be impossible for “A” to safely transfer out of his bed into a wheelchair.
  • The features on the electric bed would allow him to turn himself during the night to prevent hospital readmission due to life-threatening pressure sores and infections.
  • Without this equipment “A” would have to leave his partner and home to be relocated to a nursing home.

The financial support provided by PBF allowed the purchase of both pieces of equipment in order that “A” could maintain a level of independence and remain in his house with his life partner.

CASE STUDY B: Male living with quadriplegia.

  • Sole income is Disability Support Pension (DSP).
  • Request received for funding towards high/low double bed with pressure redistribution mattress.
  • Applicant requires this specialist equipment to allow safe transfer and to prevent pressure sores.
  • “B” currently has to “fall forwards” onto his bed and lie across it with his legs and feet hanging off the edge.
  • This causes constant pressure injuries on his shins that can be life-threatening for someone living with SCI.
  • Due to lack of other specialist equipment “B” is effectively housebound and socially isolated.

The financial support provided through the PBF gifting fund has helped to improve his health and quality of life. It will help “B” stay on his positive trajectory and encourage his community participation.

CASE STUDY C: Female living with quadriplegia.

  • Sole income is Disability Support Pension (DSP).
  • Partner is her full-time carer.
  • Request received for funding towards high/low double bed.
  • Extreme difficulty in transferring safely from current bed to wheelchair.
  • “C” has had a number of pressure injuries due to existing bed.

The financial support provided by PBF allowed the purchase of the equipment in order that “C” can transfer safely out of bed. By getting out of bed she is now able to maintain a greater level of independence, engage with the local community and is no longer socially isolated.

Our Gifting Fund relies solely on donations, without these we will not be able to provide this much needed support.

Select PBF as your company’s charity of choice to help us improve the quality of life of those living with SCI, or make a difference by donating today.

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