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How To Get Your Workforce Engaged With Safety

PBF Australia was approached by Stowe Fredon Joint Venture Electrical to deliver a series of back to back 20 minute Toolbox Talks throughout the day on 18 May 2016.  To engage their on-site employees with safety.

Stowe Fredon Joint Venture Electrical provide a complete installation of electrical and communication solutions.  Jason McGregor (PBF Injury Prevention Workplace Presenter) was a tradesman working with explosives in the mines of WA.  His trade was relatable with the electricians, so the desired outcome of the workforce drawing parallels from Jason’s presentation with their worksite and themselves was achievable.  Every tradesman that day could see a little of themselves in Jason.

PBF’s key message of safety being a core life value is unchanging, however we adapt our overall safety message to fit within our client’s framework and timing.  Jason flew to Sydney to spend the entire day on-site delivering our safety message from his wheelchair.

Stowe Fredon Joint Venture Electrical recognise that operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner is paramount to the continual growth of their reputation, quality and reliability. With the belief that all incidents can be prevented and that Health & Safety is an organisational core value that is never compromised.

“The feedback that I have received from most of my guys was that Jason was very honest and truthful. He could relate to all the employees well by not confusing them and never spoke above them.  Rather speaking in a tone and level that had everyone paying attention with engaged interest in his story.  I think Jason has left a memory with all the employees who attended, that things/life can change in an instant. This could be from simply not focusing on the job at hand or the result of a chain of actions that no one spoke up about.  He emphasised that you do not put your fellow work mates at risk and to look out for one another.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jason and PBF as speakers to any work site.” Russell Cachia (Project Health & Safety Co-Ordinator – Stowe Fredon Joint Venture Electrical)

A proud tradition of safe work practices and commitment to continued improvement, PBF Australia’s Workplace Presentation was a good fit with Stowe Fredon Joint Venture Electricals Health & Safety message.  If you would like to find out how PBF Australia’s Workplace Programs can further compliment your companies OH&S procedures please contact us.

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