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Inaugural Hunter Safety Awards

Andrew Daddo Stage 1
Paul Carson Hunter Safety Awards
Andrew Daddo Hunter Safety Awards

Recognition in safety is not celebrated enough, and is often overlooked in today’s world of headline grabbing media.  Safety procedures in the workplace are generally associated with what has gone wrong and what can be done better.

Last month, the Hunter Safety Awards challenged this as they highlighted the high standard of safety throughout the industries in the Hunter Region of NSW. These awards showcased the success and achievements rarely celebrated in the health and safety industry.

“Whether it is an invention that a committee has come up with to eliminate a hazard, or a small business owner who has decided to make WHS a priority, their stories are worth telling.  The awards gave the perfect vehicle to celebrate all of the innovative and inspired workplace health and safety champions.” Sarah-Jane Dunford (Founder of the Hunter Safety Awards).

PBF Australia’s Injury Prevention Manager, Darron Shields, meet with Sarah-Jane back in 2015, and she offered PBF the position of Special Guest Speaker at the Gala Awards Night 2016. PBF Presenter Paul Carson shared his personal workplace injury story with the audience, but with a twist designed specifically for the awards.   An empty wheelchair was placed on stage with Paul, as a metaphor for celebration. The chair represented the employees that the award recipient’s safety procedures and safety cultures have saved from sustaining a spinal cord injury.

Darron and Melissa from PBF Eastern States joined Paul on the awards night at the Wests New Lambton.  Seated at their table was the MC for the event, Andrew Daddo.  Renowned author, television presenter and corporate speaker, Andrew had the audience thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout the evening.  He shared with Paul and Darron the fact that his twin brother Jamie is also in a wheelchair, following a car accident in 1985.

PBF Australia were proud to be involved in such a sensational inaugural safety event.

“It was great to be able to recognise and reward locally-based businesses and individuals who are striving to change the perceptions and culture of work, health and safety in front of a packed room of 400 people.” Sarah-Jane Dunford.

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