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Innovation In Safety Is Alive and Well

McNab Paul O Edited
McNab Edited

Last year McNab launched “Look Out for your Mates”, a smartphone app designed to increase workplace health and safety hazard reporting on its work sites. The app was launched with the support of PBF Australia, through a series of Injury Prevention Presentations at work sites throughout Queensland.

McNab have now entered Phase Two of the “Look Out for your Mates” safety initiative, and PBF are back on-board with presentations scheduled through April-June 2016, to be delivered to new contractors working on McNab projects.

Paul O’Brien, a PBF Injury Prevention Workplace Presenter, is a great fit for these programs.  If Paul had a few mates looking out for him, then maybe he would not be sharing his safety message from a wheelchair today.

It’s about creating a cultural shift as well as developing tools to help.  Paul said, “It’s good to see McNab focusing on creating a culture where you look out for your mates and don’t walk past potential hazards on a site.  This heightened safety awareness, combined with tools like their new app, should help reduce injuries.”

McNab acknowledge that PBF highlights the confronting reality of what can happen when workers are not proactively looking for hazards, and provides first-hand stories of the lifelong impact that a single workplace incident can have.

McNab Managing Director, Michael McNab, said “The goal is about identifying trends before they injure someone, and with better quality reporting we can implement safety changes across the company in real-time.”

If you or your company are interested in finding out more about incorporating a PBF Workplace Injury Prevention Presentation into your safety programs click here.

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