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Keagan Shows Nothing Holds Him Back

Former State Rehabilitation Service patient Keagan Young is the first person to complete PBF Australia’s Peer Support Challenge, winning a Samsung Galaxy tablet for his efforts.

The Peer Support Challenge involves participants catching public transport from The Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth to the shops and completing a series of tasks while there.

PBF Peer Support Coordinator Richard Higgins said the challenge is about getting participants motivated to be independent again.

“We work with the staff on Ward 1A to support patients by sharing our experiences, answering their questions and teaching them about life in a wheelchair,” Richard said.

Keagan said the support of both the Ward 1A staff and the PBF peer support team were invaluable throughout his time as a patient.

“Talking to someone who has lived their life in a wheelchair and being able to ask them questions has been a big help,” he said.

For more information about PBF’s peer support services please visit PBF Peer Support.

PBF Peer Support Coordinator Richard Higgins (right) presents Keagan Young with his prize for completing the PBF Peer Support Challenge.

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