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Abacus ALS Team – Walking for Wellness
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Life after a spinal cord injury is never the same; the ability to live independently and participate as an active member of the community is key to maintaining a happy, meaningful life.

At PBF Australia we not only provide education to reduce the risk of spinal cord injury, but we seek to provide early financial assistance when it is needed the most, to help those living with paraplegia and quadriplegia get the most out of life.

Part of the way we achieve this is through the support of our amazing Corporate Members. On 01 July Abacus ALS launched a creative and inspirational program with their staff.  Walking for Wellness is a program designed to encourage their staff to be active, to improve their health, and raise funds for PBF Australia at the same time.

For every kilometre that the staff walk/wheel/run Abacus-ALS will donate $1 to PBF Australia.  The target is to raise $2000 within 6 months.  This money will go directly into PBF Australia’s Gifting Fund, of which 100% is returned to the community. The fund buys much needed critical equipment, infrastructure, and support tools for people with spinal cord injury who have fallen through the welfare safety net.

Health benefits of exercise range from reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and fractures. As well as managing weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and reducing diabetes.

PBF’s founder, Sir George Bedbrook, strongly believed that “Competitive and team sports provide a physical and psychological stimulus far more profitable than routine remedial exercises.  Not only do these activities develop and strengthen the body masculature and promote spontaneous coordinated movements, but also of equal importance they recreate the sense of comradeship and normal human association and help to eliminate any self-consciousness suffered by patients in relation to their disabilities.”

Abacus ALS are making exercise for their staff not only enjoyable with some friendly competition,  but really easy to track by using the app MapMyWalk.

Knowing that every step they take is bringing them one step closer to helping someone with a spinal cord injury also makes it that little bit more rewarding.

If your organisation would like to support PBF’s Gifting Fund you can find out more information here.

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