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Tony South & the ABACUS ALS Team
Shayne Christensen presenting donation to Tony South

Valentine’s Day was extra special this year for PBF Australia.  We were invited to a celebratory lunch with our corporate member ABACUS ALS.

Six months after commencing their “Walking for Wellness” challenge, the staff at ABACUS ALS have reached their goal.  Collectively the 22 participants walked over 3,500km and raised $3,500 for PBF’s Gifting Program.

As a funder of last resort PBF Australia prides ourselves on helping those in need meet any financial shortfalls through the donations that companies like ABACUS ALS provide.

Imagine not being able to do simple tasks for yourself to relieve your discomfort and pain.  As a quadriplegic you have to have a carer put you back into bed, multiple times a day, just so you can raise your own feet.

By having elevators provided for your power wheelchair, you can now raise your feet yourself as often as you need to.

Donations such as those from ABACUS ALS enables PBF Australia to help people with spinal cord injuries conduct tasks as simple as elevating their own feet.

As you can see the relief these donations give people are not just monetary (although this is huge).  We are also able to give them independence and a greater peace of mind.

On behalf of PBF Australia we would like to thank the team at ABACUS ALS for their generous donation.  It is motivated people in companies like ABACUS ALS that make our spinal cord injury gifting program possible.

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