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Workout for Wellness

Abacus ALS have done it again!  Encouraging their employees to take care of their health and well-being whilst raising funds for PBF Australia.

Following on from the huge success of their Walking for Wellness challenge last year, PBF corporate members Abacus ALS decided to mix it up this time. The new initiative enabled participants to choose their fitness activity along with their favourite charity. Five charities in total were nominated.

As corporate partners, PBF Australia received a generous donation of 50% of all funds raised.  These funds have enabled PBF to contribute towards a new power wheelchair for Reg Grosskopf.

Reg is now 75 years old and he sustained a C6/7 spinal cord injury in 1978 following a fall; unfortunately due to complications his injury progressed to incomplete C4 quadriplegia. For the past 13 years he has lived in a nursing home and as such is no longer eligible for government funding (MASS) for equipment.

Reg has had his second hand wheelchair for over 12 years and it is well overdue for a costly replacement. He has been diligently saving for 10 years but can’t quite manage to afford the full amount.  This is where PBF’s gifting fund can help, by supplementing the short fall in funds with the generous donations we receive from our members.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 16 week Workout for Wellness challenge. A total of 21 team members actively contributed to an impressive 736 workouts.  Many different types of exercise were taken including – walking, running, squash, Zumba, golf, swimming, Pilates, yoga and even wood chopping!

Together these Abacus ALS employees helped gift Reg a power wheelchair that allows easier access around his nursing home, the local area and nearby shops. This independence is essential for his continued well-being.

“We are most grateful for the generous financial gift that assisted Dad in his purchase of a new powered wheelchair.  We’d been told it was the last time his old chair could be fixed.  A new chair that is dependable provides security and to a degree continued independence.  A huge thanks to all who donated (to PBF’s Gifting Fund) – it is a gift that keeps giving on a daily basis.” Sue Robinson (daughter of Reg Grosskopf).

Reg Grosskopf with his new power wheelchair
Abacus ALS raising much needed funds for PBF Australia

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