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Clare Joins PBF's Peer Support Team

Clare Nott
Clare Nott & her little girl
Clare representing Australia

Meet Clare, PBF’s newest member of our peer support team in WA.

“Being 30 years old, having 12ish years of wheelchair basketball experience and also being a new mum – I have entered a different life phase and I feel it is important to give back to the community by sharing my story and knowledge of various aspects of life when I can.” Clare Nott.

Clare has been in a wheelchair since was just 3 years of age.  Her family was involved in a motor vehicle accident while holidaying in Queensland. Despite being correctly harnessed in a baby seat, the impact broke her spine at T8.

“I had to readjust to life in a wheelchair at a very young age which has its pros and cons. One pro being I cannot remember life as able bodied, so therefore cannot miss it. The flip side being the con of not ever having the opportunity to experience certain things, like walking along the beach.”

Clare became involved in disability sports at quite a young age. Firstly as a swimmer before discovering wheelchair basketball in 2004. She has been on the Australian women’s squad since 2005 and was lucky enough to go to the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games, winning bronze and silver medals respectively. Clare currently plays for the Red Dust Heelers in both the National Wheelchair Basketball League and the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League.

“Through my involvement with the Red Dust Heelers I have gotten quite used to telling my story and speaking with different people (both abled and disabled) about living life with a disability. I love being able to show people what I can do and for those people who have acquired a disability – what they may be able to do too. So when I was approached to join the PBF Peer Support program it felt like a natural progression of what I already do.”

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