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Building a stronger workplace safety culture.

L-R: Dr Shayne Silcox (City of Melville CEO), Symon Still & Henry (PBF Australia) with Dean McAuliffe (City of Melville’s Employee Services Coordinator)

PBF Australia welcomes the City of Melville, Western Australia as one of our newest local government members. With a population of approximately 103,767 within 40,546 dwellings and 18 suburbs, the City of Melville is the third largest local government authority in the Perth metropolitan region.

The organisation employs more than 700 full-time, part-time and casual employees, and provides more than 200 products and services including: recreation centres, aquatic centres, libraries, pre-school centres, community centres, citizenships, recycling, landscaping, disability services and cultural and education centres.

PBF Australia now has over 30 councils (both local and regional) as corporate members. We plan to continue to build partnerships to foster greater awareness of the risk of serious injury and to encourage personal and professional responsibility for adopting safe choices.

Katie Stokes, PBF WA Business Development Manager, and Symon Still, PBF WA Injury Prevention Manager, had the opportunity to meet with Dean McAuliffe, the City of Melville’s Employee Services Coordinator, to discuss plans of embedding the PBF Injury Prevention Programs across the organisation, as well as promoting the PBF Corporate Membership benefits to their employees.

Dean hopes to build upon the organisation’s proactive safety culture by engaging with PBF to raise safety awareness amongst staff and get people to think differently whilst challenging the ‘it would never happen to me’ perception.

“Ultimately the engagement and the take up of PBF membership is a perfect example of how we plan to build a stronger workplace safety culture”  said Dean.

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