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Private Members - at the heart of PBF

Dr Vernon Hill - PBF Private Member
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

PBF evolved from humble beginnings.  It was started by Sir George  Bedbrook in his living room with support from his son David and son-in-law Grant White.  This group of passionate men wanted to ensure that people who suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) had access to money as quickly as possible after their accident to help them with the substantial associated costs.

It is the support from individuals like Dr Vernon Hill, who has been a PBF member for 18 years, that enables PBF Australia to continue to thrive.  Since joining PBF back in 1999, Dr Hill and his wife Lynella have also extended PBF cover to 15 family members.

“My family are the most precious asset that I have, which is a good enough reason to continue my membership with PBF Australia.” Dr Hill.

Dr Vernon Hill is the former Director of the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.  He has extensive expertise in the assessment and management of all types of spinal, neck and back injuries. Throughout his career Dr Hill has experienced first-hand the dramatic impact an SCI has on not only the person injured but on all of those involved in their life.

“Early support and good financial advice are invaluable to the family of an acute spinal cord injured person.  Once the diagnosis is clear prompt payment is possible without any legal wrangling.” said Dr Hill.

Life takes you in a different direction when you can’t walk.  A split second decision or freak accident could threaten your independence.  Have you ever considered how you would care for yourself and your family if you sustained a permanent spinal cord injury?

Receiving that financial support in the early stages of incurring an SCI enables patients to return home sooner and helps cover the immediate costs of injury; including ongoing living, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and modifications to house and car.

Thankfully Dr Vernon Hill nor his family have needed to claim a benefit payment from PBF, however they can clearly see the other benefits provided by their membership.

PBF is a not for profit organisation and we direct all surplus funds towards reducing the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury. With your support we deliver injury prevention programs in the community, provide employment opportunities for those living with SCI and offer our peer support and gifting programs.

Dr Hill coordinated and led a team specialising in spinal injuries to Malaysia where a Spinal Injuries Unit was established.  He was team leader for a Spinal Injuries Unit in Armenia, following a devastating earthquake. He had instigated the promotion of a public awareness program on the dangers of spinal injuries in sport and recreation.  As well as setting up programs to assist severely injured patients cope with day to day situations.

“Employment is often a great challenge for the spinally injured person, and help is always at hand through PBF.  Research continues to search for a cure, but this will never be as absolute as prevention.  Education of the next generation helps to lower the incidence of these devastating accidents, and also helps young people to recognise the gravity of these accidents and hence lives are saved and further damage is minimised.” Dr Vernon Hill.

We would like to acknowledge Dr Vernon and Lynella Hill, and thank their family for their long standing support of the SCI community.  At PBF Australia we believe that life can and does go on after a spinal cord injury.

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