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Life takes you in a different  direction when you can’t walk – spinal cord injury protection with PBF Australia.

Have you ever considered how you would care for yourself and your family if you sustained a permanent spinal cord injury? Spinal cord injuries can impact anyone at any time, and the implications are far reaching, impacting partners, children and extended family.

PBF Australia is a member-based organisation offering affordable spinal cord injury protection for individuals, doubles, families and children. For little more than $1 per week* PBF membership provides protection to members who sustain a permanent spinal cord injury with eligibility to apply for a PBF Member Benefit Payment of $250,000. This crucial financial protection can help cover the immediate costs of injury, as well as ongoing living, medical and rehabilitation expenses including modifications to house and car.

For those already living with permanent paralysis, we offer peer support programs, lifestyle education and employment opportunities, with the goal of demonstrating that life can and does go on after a spinal cord injury.

Our private members benefit from:

  • Eligibility to claim $250,000 benefit payment upon sustaining a traumatic spinal cord injury*
  • Protection 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Rapid benefit payment, usually within weeks of injury diagnosis to assist with immediate costs
  • Affordable Protection


Flexible membership options for all combinations

PBF Australia provides flexible private membership packages to cater for individuals and today’s modern family arrangements. Annual Membership Fees for our spinal cord injury protection options:

  • Individuals $55
  • Doubles (join with a partner for twin savings) $80
  • Families (One or two parent families with an unlimited number of children up to the age of 18 years ) $95

For further details or if you wish to discuss which option suits you best, please contact our Private Membership team.

*See our Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

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