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Noosa Council - PBF Corporate Members

The journey to become a PBF Corporate Member is often a long one – but ultimately a very beneficial one to all involved.

PBF’s relationship with Noosa Council began over 7 years ago.  Tony South (PBF Community Partnerships Manager) was asked to be guest speaker at the North Queensland Local Government Associations Conference, held in Karumba.  Located in the Gulf Country, Karumba is 2,159km north of Brisbane.  Tony had the good fortune to sit next to Noosa’s infamous Mayor Bob Abbot on their flight, and a friendship was quickly formed.

Bob immediately recognised the enormous human benefits associated with becoming PBF Corporate Members, so he set the Noosa Council in motion to join PBF Australia.  Unfortunately, with the amalgamation of Queensland councils in April 2008, this plan was put on hold.

Recently, the Noosa Council was de-amalgamated and the PBF Corporate Membership of Noosa Council was negotiated to cover its employees and family members.  With a quadriplegic as a personal friend, Brett de Chastel (CEO of Noosa Council) is sensitive to the difficulties and financial costs of life in a wheelchair.  Recognising the value PBF’s $250,000 benefit provides to those members who are unfortunate enough to suffer a traumatic spinal cord injury, Brett, Bob and Noel Playford (Mayor) were extremely happy to finally be able to accept a PBF Corporate Membership.

Brett made the comment upon joining PBF that “We are far better off to have the $250,000 Benefit and not need it, than to need it and not have it”.

Earlier this month Tony gave a motivational safety presentation to the Councillors and Managers of the Noosa Council as a value added benefit of their membership.  Life-long friendships, relationships and partnerships have been formed.

PBF Australia would like to thank Noosa Council for their support and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a PBF Corporate Member please click  here.

Noosa Council Bob Edited
Noosa Council Edited

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