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Silver Chef Limited And Their Core Values

Silver Chef Limited delivers equipment funding solutions that help small businesses reach their full potential. They have helped Australian small businesses create their own success stories for over 25 years, and have been working with PBF for many years. Recently Silver Chef Limited engaged with PBF Injury Prevention Programs, as part of their ongoing commitment to improving safe practices throughout their premises.

Silver Chef Limited places a significant emphasis on creating a culture that motivates and engages employees and the company supports the core values of; Teamwork, Attitude, Wellbeing, Respect, Integrity, Flexibility and Communication. The true value they place on their employees is shown through the recognition and rewards given for both individual and team success, and an open and friendly workplace.

At Stage Two of the presentations to their employees, PBF IP Manager Darron Shields in conjunction with Emma Selwood (People and Culture Advisor), reinforced the message that safety is a core life value, supported by Darron’s personal story.

“PBF Injury Prevention Presentations are thought provoking and educational, creating awareness around Australians becoming permanently paralysed each year through accidents at home, work or play. Darron’s personal account and openness was captivating and he effectively reminded Silver Chef Limited about the importance of safety and how little it takes to change your life forever,” Emma Selwood said.

Emma went on to say, “Silver Chef Limited are proud to be Corporate Members of PBF Australia and strongly encourage other employers to provide this fantastic benefit to their employees”.

PBF Australia would like to congratulate Silver Chef Limited for their commitment to their workers’ safety and looks forward to continue our working relationship with Silver Chef Limited in the future.

If you are interested in booking an Injury Prevention Presentation for your organisation you can find out more details here.

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