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We are pleased to announce the launch of our recently developed Safety Ambassador Program with Ingham’s Murrarie, Queensland.  This two year partnership provides financial protection to their employees through PBF membership and includes a number of safety initiatives and activations that will encourage employees to take on safety as a core life value.

The program involves regular on-site visits by PBF presenters living with permanent injury, who will share their personal stories and engage employees in interactive discussions around a variety of key safety messages.  Topics such as managing fatigue, ownership of personal safety, complacency and the dangers of distraction will be explored.

A series of intervention programs are scheduled with Ingham’s leadership team and supervisors.  These programs recognise that supervisors are the primary safety influencers in the workplace and will empower them to “own” the safety of their teams. These interactive sessions will include a case study of a presenter’s personal story and an investigation of the key factors leading to the incident, and possible preventative measures that could have been taken.  This format encourages supervisors to achieve long term behavioural and attitudinal change.

“Ingham’s Murarrie are pleased to have entered into a partnership with PBF for the next 2 years. We know this partnership and programs being run, will significantly increase awareness of the potential consequences from an incident even outside the work area. This in turn affording our workers to keep safety at the forefront of their mind and creating a greater culture of risk awareness” said Brett Porter Queensland HSE Manager, Ingham’s Group Ltd.

“We have run two interactive sessions this week with our employees and the feedback from both supervisors and workers has been overwhelming.   As a Safety Professional I am greatly encouraged by the feedback, and know that having Safety in the hearts and minds of our workers and leaders, will lead to safer work place.”

PBF Australia members who incur a permanent spinal cord injury are eligible to apply for a member benefit payment of $250,000. We aim to make this payment as quickly as possible after injury diagnosis to help cover many of the immediate associated costs, including medical and rehabilitation expenses and modifications to house and car.

Through their PBF Corporate Membership, Ingham’s (Murrarie) offer their employees this financial protection 24 hours a day whether their injury is sustained at work, at home on the road or in the water.

For more information on becoming a PBF Corporate Member visit

Injury Prevention Manager Darron Shields discussing safety with Ingham's employees
Darron sharing a video as part of PBF's Safety Ambassador program
Ingham's employees engaged in safety discussions
Paul Carson presenting PBF's Supervisor Intervention Program

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