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PBF Payment A Lifeline

Joel Sardi

A PBF membership payment has provided a financial lifeline for 23 year old Joel Sardi. Receiving the payment has meant Joel can pay existing bills and fund the new and unexpected costs associated with his changed lifestyle.

Joel had a 3–4 metre fall in August 2014 breaking his neck and sustaining a permanent spinal cord injury. At the time he was living an active and busy life, working with the Army in Adelaide and playing Australian Rules Football with the Seaton Ramblers in South Australia. Fortunately the Seaton Ramblers had PBF Corporate Membership which meant Joel could claim the membership benefit. Joel has moved back to his home state of Victoria to be closer to his family and is currently undergoing intensive rehabilitation to regain as much mobility and independence as possible.

“Whilst the money won’t change what has happened to me it makes a world of difference in our capacity to cope financially for the next 12 months” Joel stated.

“I am so grateful to the Seaton Ramblers for caring enough about our players to pay for PBF membership to also cover us against accidents even when we are not playing football. Without this membership I would not have received any financial lump sum to help with my new very expensive lifestyle,” Joel added.

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