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PBF Taking Safety Message To The Mines

Symon Still with the Salt Lake Mining Crew
Kambalda WA

Kambalda’s residents proudly proclaim a pivotal role in the birth of Australia’s modern nickel mining industry. However it was gold that first put the town on the map.

A gold rush was sparked in 1897 when Percy Larkin, a prospector, discovered rich shots of gold in the Red Hill area. This rush went on to produce 30,000 ounces of gold. By 1908 the gold had become depleted and the first modern settlement of Kambalda soon reverted to native bushland.

In 1954 two prospectors, John Morgan and George Cowcill presented an unusual rock specimen to the Kalgoorlie School of Mines. This turned out to be Gossan – a green nickel bearing ore. By 1966 Kambalda’s Silver Lake Mine had commenced production, creating Australia’s great nickel boom of the 1960’s.

Today Kambalda relies on its nickel mining, with much of its ore being processed and smelted 60km away in Kalgoorlie. Symon Still, PBF Australia’s Injury Prevention Manager, had the opportunity of addressing the Salt Lake Mining Crew on site on the 12th and 13th October.

Mining both nickel and gold, Salt Lake Mining engaged PBF’s injury prevention workplace presentation to give their safety message credibility. Helping to kick start their journey to a positive safety culture.

“Thank you Symon for sharing and impacting on all who attended. PBF’s safety message could not be anything but a reminder of the consequences of choice. Your presentations were effective and sobering, as told to me by more than a few. Many of our team were confronted and that to me was a mark of the message you have put out there for us all to treasure our safety, as it has impacts beyond our own little spheres of sometimes indifference.” Syd Newton, ERT Coordinator, EH&S Department Beta Hunt, Salt Lake Mining.

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