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What if we never went to the dentist?

Tony South (PBF Corporate BDM) & the team at Alita Dental

No one looks forward to a dental visit, yet they go because it is an essential part of maintaining our overall health.

If we leave it too long between check-ups the cost is more than we would like to restore our teeth.

Of course if we prevent the problems from developing in the first place, then this is the best outcome possible.

The words prevent, resort and maintain make up Alita Dental’s mission, and the synergy rings true with PBF Australia’s mission. Research continues to search for a cure for spinal cord injuries, but this will never be as absolute as prevention.

Alita Dental is PBF’s newest corporate member in Queensland. They understand the real importance of preventing spinal cord injuries.  However if one of their employees or their family member sustains a spinal cord injury, Alita Dental can now offer that much needed support (financially, physically and emotionally) through their inclusive PBF corporate membership.

Natasha Hobson is the owner of Alita Dental.  After meeting Tony South (PBF’s Corporate Business Development Manager) at a Logan Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Natasha became a private member of PBF Australia.  This membership has evolved into a corporate membership for her business.

Tony had the pleasure of speaking to Natasha’s staff at the end of May.  Sharing with them his personal story and enlightening the team on what it is like to live with a spinal cord injury.

It is PBF’s members who help us reduce injuries and deaths on the road, at work and in the water.  Being a corporate member of PBF Australia helps us assist those living with spinal cord injury through support of our injury prevention and peers support programs.

Welcome to the family Alita Dental and thank you.

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