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Sharing A Common Goal - Preventing Work Related Injuries

On 1 September 2015 WorkCover NSW became SafeWork NSW, the state’s new workplace health and safety regulator.  With more than a third of Australia’s entire economic output coming from NSW, the work they do is extremely important to keep NSW workers safe and NSW businesses productive.

Unfortunately in NSW in 2012/13 Workplace Safety Statistics showed:

  • 103 work related fatalities
  • 105, 009 major workplace injuries
  • 60,969 new workers compensation claims
  • $2,480,000 fines awarded by courts for WHS breaches

Safework NSW’s incredibly hard work assists in securing the health, safety and welfare of workers in NSW.  Promoting compliance by providing information, education and assistance.  Returning injured workers to work. Issuing licences for operation of hazardous equipment activities, and providing effective and efficient workers compensation insurance.

During the same period SafeWork NSW carried out:

  • 14,544 workplace visits
  • 6,900 notices were issued by inspectors
  • 52 health and safety prosecutions conducted
  • $1.9 billion in claim payments made by NSW Workers Compensation Scheme

Workcover NSW Fast Facts 2014/15:

  • 29% of workplace injuries were caused by manual handling
  • Major workplace injuries were split 32% female and 68% male
  • The highest incident rate of major workplace injuries occurred in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing with 16.9 injuries per 1000 employees
  • 5 enforceable undertakings
  • 46% decline in compensable fatalities since 2004/05

Darron Shields (PBF Australia Injury Prevention Manager) recently met with Jim Tzakos (Inspector Construction Services Operations Group – SafeWork NSW) to explore ways in which PBF Australia can work together with Safework NSW through our Injury Prevention Workplace programs.  Both organisations share a common goal of preventing work related injuries, as everyone deserves to return home safely after a day at work.

If you would like to find out more about booking a Workplace Injury Prevention Presentation you can do so here.

*Workcover Authority Annual Reports 2013-14 & 2014-15

Preventing Work Related Injuries

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