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YOLO - Young Worker Safety Program

“The part of the brain that asses risk and would identify the hazard, and then look for a way to effectively control it, is not actually fully developed in humans under 25.” Kirsten Williams, Health and Safety Advisor, Stanwell Power Station.

This is why Stanwell developed the YOLO (You Only Live Once) Young Worker Safety Program.  Through applying a psychological understanding of young people’s risk perception, YOLO has ultimately led to a decrease in injuries to young workers.

A two hour interactive training session, YOLO is run annually for workers who are beginning their employment with Queensland’s largest energy provider, Stanwell.  PBF Australia is proud to be a part of this program by providing a first-hand account of the ramifications of a workplace accident.

In June Jason McGregor (PBF Presenter) shared his personal workplace incident story with the latest intake of young employees and contractors at Stanwell’s Rockhampton facility in Central Queensland. Living with a permanent spinal cord injury Jason’s story highlights that safety is not restricted to the main work site.  The effects of fatigue and not following the correct procedure can result in a life changing injury at any time.

“I believe that safety is very important and the responsibility of everyone” said Mr McGregor.

The initiative has delivered exceptional safety results since it was implemented in 2014.  YOLO  was recognised for its outstanding achievement and innovation in organisational psychology when it won the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) inaugural Workplace Excellence Awards to Workplace Health and Wellbeing in 2015.

When asked about PBF’s component Kirsten said, “It is a real link for our young people.  That’s usually the point at which they say – wow, it’s not just that I might have a bit of an accident at work and I might graze my knee, it’s actually that I could end up in a wheelchair or I could lose my life.”

PBF Australia brings credibility to organisation’s safety messages and we look forward to continuing the long standing relationship we have with our greatly valued corporate member Stanwell.

Jason McGregor with 2 of the team at Stanwell's Rockhampton facility

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