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Helping save the lives of young West Australians

Konnah Ruru (PBF) presenting at RAC bstreetsmart
Crash scene re-enactment

RAC bstreetsmart educates students about the realities of road trauma, by re-enacting a crash scene and hearing from people who have been involved in road trauma.

In 2012, RAC hosted the event in Western Australia for the first time. Since then nearly 40,000 high school students have attended the event.

RAC bstreetsmart is designed to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young West Australian people by promoting safe behaviour as drivers, riders and passengers.

The key objectives are:

  • To promote positive road safety messages to students.
  • Demonstrate the consequences of road trauma.
  • Provide students with information and strategies to avoid serious injuries and death.
  • Provide students with information on how to reduce risk taking behaviour through greater awareness of the consequences of distracted driving, inattention, speeding, drink and drug driving.

PBF Australia provides speakers, who have been personally impacted by a road incident, to share their stories with the students. At RAC bstreetsmart 2017 Konnah Ruru, Rob Pike and Matt Cook presented to over 8,900 students from 94 registered schools.

This year’s event was the largest yet, and as 17-24 year old’s make up 20% of road deaths but only 11% of the population, we hope we can help save young lives on WA roads by sharing our stories and talking about road safety.

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