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Real World Leadership is the brain child of Michelle Loch, Tim Marsh and Chris Philips – three successful leadership experts whose collective offerings provide the streamlined approach to Leadership Development that is frustratingly difficult to achieve.

Chris Philips from Grey Matta Solutions is a good friend of PBF Australia.  On Tuesday 22 March, Tony South from PBF was asked to deliver the keynote address at the Real World Leadership Business Forum and breakfast.  This was held at the Tattersalls Club in Brisbane.

Tony’s speech focused on self-leadership and he shared his remarkable achievements in the face of adversity. In return guests were asked to consider a donation to PBF’s Gifting Fund.

The key message was – “Success is not measured by the heights that one attains, but by the obstacles that one overcomes in its attainment”.  A motivational speech with a deeply moving reaction from the audience, demonstrated that Tony is an inspirational speaker who puts things in perspective.

If you would like Tony or one of our other speakers to provide a motivational style presentation please contact PBF. To read about the speakers we have available at PBF please click  here.

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