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Road Safety Synergies

Hand controls, pedal extensions, wheelchair hoists, ramps, docking stations, rotating seats, lowered floors, steering assistance, adapted seatbelts and harnesses.  Some form of modification or conversion to your vehicle is required when you have a spinal cord injury.

All of the above come at a cost and unfortunately most main stream insurance companies do not understand the true value of disability conversions, or only cover a portion of the replacement costs.

Blue Badge Insurance recently joined the PBF Australia family as corporate members.  Recognising the importance of protecting their workforce should they incur a traumatic spinal cord injury.  The road safety synergies between PBF Australia and Blue Badge Insurance are clear.  We are both working towards protecting Australian’s on our roads.  Finally Australia has its first independence and mobility insurance specialist with Blue Badge Insurance.

Vehicle conversions do not depreciate at the same rate as your car, therefore Blue Badge Insurance policies give people the option of insuring at replacement value (which can be up into the tens of thousands of dollars). They also offer to cover assistive technology (eg: wheelchair) whilst it is in your car, as well as other people driving your vehicle (family, friends and carers).

PBF Australia is passionate about road safety education with it being one of our four main streams in our injury prevention programs.   In order to be safer on the roads you not only need the right equipment, you need to protect it. Should your modifications get damaged or stolen you have to be able to replace them as soon as possible so you can get back on the road.

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