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Paralympian Ryan Scott Is Back Presenting In 2017

Four times Paralympian Ryan Scott will be back in 2017 to share his road safety message with Australia’s youth through PBF Australia’s Injury Prevention Road Presentations.

Competing in Athens 2004; Beijing 2008 (Silver); London 2012 (Gold); and Rio 2016 (Gold), Ryan is a well-known world champion rugby player (murder ball).  What many people don’t know is that when Ryan is not competing he chooses to share his immensely personal safety message with the students in his local community.

Ryan’s youth was one filled with sport – football, soccer, basketball, surfing and motorbike riding.  Barely twelve months after his incident Ryan began to play wheelchair rugby (on top of countless hours at the gym). After medical rehabilitation is completed, sports participation is essential for those who incur a spinal cord injury.  The therapeutic value in helping with coordination, stamina, general heart health and renewing lost powers is incredible.

Apart from the physical benefits of sport, Ryan is passionate about the psychological benefits. Making new friends is made easier through sport.  Make friends with people who also have a spinal cord injury and you gain people in your life with shared experiences.   People who can teach you little tricks, such as different ways to transfer into your car. It doesn’t matter if you are a paraplegic or quadriplegic, there are many sports available (even if you need a little assistance).  The most popular sport for quadriplegics is rugby, however if that isn’t your style there is hand-cycling; swimming; power soccer; skiing (water or snow); surfing; tennis; bowling; kayaking; or even skydiving for that additional adrenaline rush.

Following his latest success of winning Paralympic Gold as Captain of the Steelers, Australia’s wheelchair rugby team, Ryan Scott (34) has returned to Brisbane ready to share his road safety message.  A presenter with PBF for many years, Ryan’s story is one most parents fear.  At 16 years of age Ryan was a passenger in a car with his mates.  As we hear all too many times in the news, a group of teenagers in a car travelling at speed, ultimately the driver lost control and ploughed into a tree.  The force of the crash crushed Ryan under the car roof, with his head pinned to his stomach and his spinal cord severely damaged at C5 & C6. Ryan survived the impact and lives as a quadriplegic.

The message he shares with our young adults is simple but poignant, “Make the right choices because there are always consequences.  I had the warning signs – I just didn’t listen to them.”

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