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Safety First Today - It May Be Too Late Tomorrow

Located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast is the City of Logan.  Home to more than 300,000 people from more than 215 different cultures.  Logan is a very young city with around 50% of residents aged 30 or younger.  It has a thriving light industrial precinct which continues to expand to meet the demand of quality, responsible industry.

Logan City Council held a Water Operations Staff Information Session at Woodridge on Thursday 15 September.  The morning was dedicated to putting “Safety First Today, It May Be Too Late Tomorrow.”  As part of the session PBF Australia was asked to conduct an Injury Prevention Workplace Program that focused on three key areas:

  • Value your own safety
  • Working at heights
  • Look out for your mates

PBF Australia prides itself on the fact that we work closely with our clients to identify the safety priorities their organisation needs to address. Once these are determined, we tailor-make a program to facilitate change. PBF Australia adapted our message to fit within Logan City Council’s safety framework to ensure we enhanced their efforts. Providing an innovative solution that is not available as an “off-the-shelf” product.

PBF Injury Prevention presenter Paul O’Brien addressed the group of 70 workers at their Woodridge location, as his individual story best fit the Logan City Council’s safety message of working at heights.   Paul incurred his injury by falling through a roof at a construction site. Paul’s personal account of his work place injury covered his personal attitude and general workplace culture around safety, how the injury occurred and the enormous impact the injury has had on his life and the lives of his family, friends and work mates.

The desired outcome was achieved when the audience was able to draw parallels from PBF Australia’s presentation and directly apply it to their workplace.  The workers could actually see themselves in Paul.

“This was a really powerful presentation and tapped into how complacency and fatigue can combine with catastrophic consequences.  The presentation was confronting at times, however was delivered in a manner that brought the listener along for the journey.  Thanks to Paul and Darron who really made the session come to life. We have had some really favourable responses and the ongoing discussions are really tapping into the take away message.” Simon Faber (Health & Safety Program Leader – Logan City Council)

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