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Looking after the safety of their field teams

Paul O'Brien addressing the TransGrid team in Coffs Harbour

Safety is a consistent challenge for most workplaces.  However there is a dramatic difference in how people behave when safety is treated as a value, as opposed to a program.

A value can be explained as a deeply held belief. You learn it from others and it is reinforced by your own everyday experiences.  Generally speaking a value is beyond compromise.  Your values go on to form your opinions and attitudes, and ultimately direct your behaviour.

Through sharing their workplace injury stories, PBF presenters are able to reinforce the importance of safety being a core life value.

PBF’s client TransGrid is the manager and operator of high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and ACT, and is part of the National Electricity Market.  Their network comprises 100 bulk supply substations and more than 13,000 km of high voltage transmission lines and cables.

Trees growing near transmission powerline easements are carefully monitored to ensure that they do not pose a risk to the safety of the public, or to maintaining a safe and reliable electricity supply.  Protecting the safety of the public, contractors and employees is TransGrid’s highest priority.

This is the area of the business where PBF Australia were asked to get involved – with TransGrid’s climbing arborists. These small teams of contractors and subcontractors often work in remote locations.  Individual and team safety are paramount. PBF’s workplace presenter Paul O’Brien incurred a spinal cord injury at his place of work involving a fall from heights. This made his story very relevant.

With diverse teams based at key points in their network, TransGrid people work in a number of locations in NSW and beyond.  During November, Paul travelled to Penrith, Yass, Newcastle, Bathurst and Coffs Harbour, delivering PBF’s Injury Prevention Workplace Programs at each of these five locations. PBF’s standard workplace program focuses on the importance of having safety as a core value in your life.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  It doesn’t stop at work and it involves every part of your life.  If management can communicate safety as a core value for their organisation – by putting safety first and making it about the people – then their employees and contractors stand a better chance of taking it on as a core value in their own lives.  Ultimately making it easier to engage the organisations safety policies and procedures.

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