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Safety Leadership Is Non-Negotiable

PBF Workplace Presenter Paul Carson talking to McNab's construction project team in Brisbane
McNab Building Site
Paul Carson presenting to McNab's Gold Coast construction project team

PBF Australia was recently engaged to help roll out the “Project Safety Leadership Plan” to McNab’s construction project teams.  We tailored our Injury Prevention Workplace Supervisors Program to incorporate the creation of McNab’s safety leadership planning, including “Safety Pledges” at localised workshops around Queensland.

PBF’s Paul Carson was a site manager who incurred a traumatic spinal cord injury at work.  Paul shared his personal story with the McNab team, then worked through an investigation with them breaking down the causes of his accident.  This concept helped to create the right mind set for McNab’s project teams when it came to writing their own “Safety Leadership Plans”.

“Safety Management and Safety Leadership are both very important and very different things. Safety management systems are the processes, rules and regulations that we expect our building sites to comply with, because it is the safest way to build.  Safety leadership brings safety management systems to life.  Real leadership inspires people to believe in something and motivates people to be involved in achieving a shared goal.”  Michael McNab, Managing Director, McNab.

Project and Site Managers who own their safety leadership at McNab’s work sites are showing their team that safety drives production.  To help achieve strong and consistent levels of safety leadership, McNab created the “Project Safety Leadership Plan.”

Prior to the commencement of each project, their Project Manager and Site Manager collectively plan the safety outcome for the project using the template designed from McNab’s best safety performing sites.  These key project people set their safety leadership behaviours and consciously make a choice about what safety is going to look like on their site.

It was empowering for them to come up with their own safety vision, actions, accountability and communication, then setting their safety leadership behaviours. This included working out what they needed as leaders in regard to resources and support to put their plans into action. Group discussions at the workshops centred on how these key project people would demonstrate their own commitment and ensure that everyone takes responsibility for safety on their site.

These initial five sessions were so successful that McNab will be looking at rolling them out a regular intervals throughout the year.

“Working with PBF is an extremely rewarding experience both at company level and a personal one.  Every session we do with PBF brings a personal connection for everyone, it’s the story everyone can relate to directly or indirectly via what they have seen at their workplace. The resulting conversations and discussions is what drives the attitudinal workplace change.  I can highly recommend PBF to make a safety difference in your workplace, through making a strong connection between safety, work and attitude.  Translating that connection into positive safety action is what PBF and McNab are aligned on.  McNab looks forward to continuing its partnership with PBF and stimulating positive change to safety in the workplace.” John Martinkovic, HSEQ Manager, McNab.

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