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500,000 Safer Young Drivers

Andrew J Morley - RSE's new ambassador for road safety
RSE #SlowDown

This year’s National Road Safety Week (8-14 May) focused on speed management and what can be done to address this key risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries.

The key message was Save Lives #SlowDown – Count me in!

Young Australian’s are over represented in the road death statistics. In 2016, 264 young people (aged 17-25 years) lost their lives on Australian roads.

RSE (Road Safety Education) was established in Sydney 15 years ago, and is committed to reducing this figure to zero.  PBF Australia is proud to be a long standing partner of RSE, providing our presenters for the “After the Crash” component of their road safety programs. With their vision of zero youth road trauma, RSE constantly encourages the positive message of road safety and awareness to ensure that young people get home safe.

As part of the Road Safety Week focus, RSE celebrated the 500,000th student completing their RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) program.  That is half a million young drivers who are now equipped with better knowledge of how to stay safe on our roads.

Attendees wore a yellow ribbon as a symbol of their commitment to road safety, signed #SlowDown pledges and held up #SlowDown signs to help spread the message.

RSE also announced their new Ambassador – actor Andrew J. Morley (currently appearing on Neighbours).  Andrew brings a unique perspective to Road Safety Education.  A volunteer fire fighter, Andrew has unfortunately attended many crash scenes.  He is also a survivor of a crash that occurred when he was a novice driver.

Please join PBF and RSE and #SlowDown – manage your speed not only today but everyday moving forward.

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