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Experience Helping Save Lives On Regional Roads

Everyday another Australian is permanently paralysed by a spinal cord injury. It can happen to anyone – at home, at work, on the road or in the water. The impact on those injured and their family can be devastating, with many facing financial ruin and years of physical and emotional pain resulting in a greater risk of mental health issues and higher suicide rates.

National figures show that young drivers are over represented in the road injury and death statistics, with males aged 16-25 years being the most at risk. Often driver attitude and risk taking behaviours contribute to accidents, PBF Australia have developed a series of Injury Prevention Programs to try and influence change.

PBF’s presenters have all sustained a permanent injury and our Injury Prevention Programs are heartfelt yet confronting, challenging individuals to consider the lifelong impacts poor choices and decisions can have.

Regional WA is currently suffering what can best be described as an epidemic of road deaths; with the numbers killed this year rising at an alarming rate. With the support of RAC Community Education, PBF Australia delivers Injury Prevention Programs in Regional schools, in an effort to address this issue and to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on regional roads.

Aged 20, just three weeks before sitting his final trade certificate exams, Keith Conder and two of his friends were involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident. Keith was driving and sustained serious spinal cord injuries that left him a paraplegic. Now one of PBF’s most experienced presenters in WA, Keith recently visited high schools in the Great Southern and South West regions sharing his story with around 500 students. The feedback received was consistently positive. Keith’s honesty and frankness was appreciated and many students were genuinely impacted by his story, pledging to change their behaviours and actions.

Your continued support of PBF Australia will help us to continue to make a difference and will allow people like Keith to share their experience and make real differences in local communities.

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Keith Conder

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